Tuesday, May 31, 2011

May Progress

I can't believe that the first 5 months of 2011 are already over. I was impressed to check in on The List and find that I have actually completed 10 quilts this year so far! Now, a lot of them are small, and I still have a big ole stack of tops and WIPs to finish, but that is a pretty satisfying number. Check it out!

Finished Quilts of 2011

  1. 2 Christmas Tree Mini Quilts done 1/11
  2. Baby quilt: spring strings (top done 3/10), basted 8/10, done 1/11
  3. Bloom Mini Quilt done 1/11
  4. 3 Quilted Book Covers started and done 1/11
  5. Girly I Spy Quilt done 2/11
  6. Baby Blocks: Blue #1 done 3/11
  7. Garden Path baby quilt done 3/11
  8. Grayson's baby quilt done 4/11
  9. 12 x 12" Mini done 4/11
  10. Memory Basket AAQI mini done 5/11
2011 WIPs:
My list is back up to 20- uh-oh! I added and finished the AAQI piece, then started a Block of the Month project hosted on the 15 Minutes Play site. It's too fun to resist! I spent most of the month working on other projects, so I didn't get any other quilts done.
  1. Stars & Strings tabletopper (started 2009) top done 7/10, basted,hand-quilting in progress
  2. Houses Donation quilt top done 8/10
  3. Bright Snowballs (started 2009, top done)
  4. Applique Flowers Wall Quilt top done 8/10
  5. Indian Summer top done 12/10, expanded 4/11*
  6. Gypsy Madness Leaders & Enders top done 1/11
  7. Wedding Ring Table Runner top done, quilted 10/10
  8. Amish-ish Mini Quilt top done & basted 2/11
  9. Triumph Star top done 3/11
  10. Stash Busting Bee International Log Cabin
  11. Say Cheese Self-Portrait
  12. Seasons Mat for R's preschool
  13. Crumb Blocks-->stars
  14. Pinwheel Quilt
  15. Holy Night
  16. Soup Dragon*
  17. Yellow & Orange Log Cabins blocks done 5/11*
  18. Rainbow String Quilt*
  19. Scrappy Sixteens*
  20. 15 Minutes Play Blocks of the Month
* Quilts I worked on this month

On the design burner (fabric has been pulled or cut, but no sewing has been done):
  1. Bricks & stones baby quilt
  2. Girl blocks baby quilt
  3. 2233 Pineapple
  4. Bento Boxes for S
  5. Leopard Roses
  6. Christmas quilts
  7. Donation quilt for A's school auction
  8. Retro Rail Fence
I have mostly been un-quilting (ugh!) my Indian Summer quilt this month. I decided to rip out the progress I had painfully made and try again with better thread. I'm not sure what is slower- quilting with thread that just won't cooperate, or ripping out said quilting. Either way, it's a lovely quit and I am enjoying spending time under it. Even if it's picking out the quilting.

I tried quilting with a different color bobbin thread on my Memory Basket piece for AAQI. I learned a bit about balancing the tension to make it a success, and I am really pleased with how it turned out. I love these little mini quilts!

I had to get some more yellow and orange fabric this month- especially for my juicy Yellow & Orange Log Cabins! Other than that, no fabric came in (good) and I reorganized my stash storage so it's easier to use. Yay! It's exciting to be surrounded by so much gorgeous & inspiring fabric, and even more exciting to liberate it from being hoarded in piles and put it to use!

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