Friday, June 3, 2011

It's Not What I Thought

I have so many projects I am juggling, that I often put something away for a while, and when I come back to it, it turns into something totally different. Does this ever happen to you?

Don't get me wrong: I love the transformative effect of time. It usually improves my plan! (Now there's a great reason to keep that list of WIPs to juggle nice and long!)

Case in point: I made this Triumph Star top back in March. It was okay but I didn't love it.

I took it out today to start quilting it and realized: it wasn't done. A few borders later and voila!

It turned out to be so irresistible that my quilt photography assistants had to give it a test run. It checked out to make awesome forts, tents, curtains and capes. Excellent!

I pieced a fun back for it (it was just crying for a pieced back, don't you think?) so now it is all ready to quilt. For real.

We're supposed to have the nicest weekend of the year (the forecast says 80 degrees! Hooray!) so the quilting will have to wait. It might not be this nice again until August!

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