Saturday, January 1, 2011

The List for 2011

Now that 2011 is here, I'm looking forward to what goals I'm getting focused on for this year. I have a pile of quilt tops all stacked up, WIPs in queue, and as always, a lot more ideas than time. I will use this list to keep me on track all year.

Clearly, I did finish some WIPs last year, but the list (below) keeps growing. I currently have 15+ projects in some uncompleted stage! My first goal this year is to finish those beauties, and especially to quilt my finished tops!

Speaking of quilting, I had a goal last year to improve my machine quilting skills and I still need to tackle Free Motion Quilting
. I can do this! This year, I will make some mini quilts for FMQ practice and work on at least 2 different FMQ techniques.

This seems like a perpetual goal of most quilters: use up my stash. I actually enjoy quilting from my stash, but I enjoy collecting fabric even more. I don't actually want a smaller stash, but I am just running out of room. So, I'm renewing my goal to use up enough stash to fit my boxes of fat quarters on my fabric shelves. This will be the year that this happens- it will!

I also aim to use up scraps, especially strings, and keep my scrap bins at a manageable size.

2011 WIPs:
  1. Christmas Tree Mini Quilts done 1/11
  2. Stars & Strings tabletopper (started 2009) top done 7/10, basted,hand-quilting in progress
  3. Baby quilt: spring strings (top done 3/10), basted 8/10
  4. Donation quilt: houses top done 8/10
  5. Bright Snowballs (started 2009, top done)
  6. Applique Flowers Wall Quilt top done 8/10
  7. Indian Summer top done 12/10
  8. Gypsy Madness Leaders & Enders top done 1/11
  9. Wedding Ring Table Runner top done, quilted 10/10
  10. Stash Busting Bee International Log Cabin
  11. Say Cheese Self-Portrait
  12. Seasons Mat for R's preschool
  13. Crumb Blocks
  14. Pinwheel Quilt
  15. Bloom Mini Quilt
  16. Holy Night
  17. Soup Dragon
  18. Yellow & Orange Log Cabins
On the design burner (fabric has been pulled or cut, but no sewing has been done):
  1. Bricks & stones baby quilt
  2. Boy blocks baby quilt
  3. Girl blocks baby quilt
  4. Rainbow book stack baby quilt
  5. 2233 Pineapple
  6. Bento Boxes for S
  7. Leopard Roses
  8. Christmas quilts
  9. Donation quilt for A's school auction

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