Monday, March 28, 2011

Little Gifts

Both of my daughters had birthday parties to attend this weekend (it is definitely spring- it is birthday season!) so we put together some little gifts- first a knot bag for my 9-year-old's "Cute Things" themed gift swap.

We put a Paul Frank Lip Smackers tin inside- I heard this was super popular and one of the other girls' moms wanted to buy one from me. Remember when these were super popular a couple of years ago? I always planned on making one but didn't get around to until just now. They are very quick and easy, especially if you remember to clip the curves when you are sewing at 11 PM on Friday night after teaching all week ;-) Now my daughter wants to make them with her friends at her birthday party next weekend, too. The tute is no longer on line, but I did find the Japanese Knot Bag PDF (thanks Google!)

My 5-tear-old took this sweet little doll quilt to her fancy salon party. It will be the perfect size for her friend's American Girl Doll. I had made a series of doll quilts last summer, so it was great to have one on hand for gifting. It was really hard for her to choose one to give away though- she wanted to keep them all!

I did get my sewing machine back from the shop, but the jury is still out on how well it is working. I had some problems with it but think it may actually be my walking foot that is now the culprit. In any case, I got out this old sewing machine that I picked up at Goodwill for $20 a while a go and stashed in the garage. I had started reading about how to fix it up and somehow got convinced it was a another fixer machine without ever even trying it.

It's a Singer 201-2 and she is a beauty. She sews so smooth and quiet, and all I had to do was clean out some lint from under the throat plate. I need to look into getting some accessories for her, but she may be taking over as my main machine.

Look at the gorgeous Deco-y plate on her! I think she must be from the 1930s when this model came out. By the '50s, these plates were all vertically ridged. I'm just amazed that my 8 year old sewing machine has at least partially worn out, but this 80 year old one is going strong. I'm hoping to give both these ladies a test drive getting some quilting done this week!

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