Sunday, October 3, 2010

Meet Honoria

I have a new sewing machine that has come to live at my house, and I am so, so, so excited. I have dreamed for a long time about having a antique treadle machine for human powered sewing. My dad found this one at a garage sale so long ago that I didn't even know he had it until I saw it in his garage when we went kayaking over the summer.

Her name is Honoria. She'll need some work, but her treadle and needle movements are good. She needs refinishing and a drawer repaired.

She came with some extra goods, including leather belts- one in the original box, I wish packaging was still designed like this!

Needles in a wooden case...

And a box of tools and extra feet.

According to the woman who sold her to my dad, Honoria came to the West Coast on a covered wagon in the 1870s with her grandmother or great grandmother. I'll have to check her dates but it's a great story!

I also found out that my aunt has her grandmother's treadle sewing machine that was purchased in 1907 when my great-grandmother arrived in America. My aunt collects antiques, so it's in perfect condition but is not used for sewing. I would love to use that machine one day!

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