Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Modern Rococo

I finished the floral log cabin quilt, which I named Modern Rococo for it's exuberant florality. It's gorgeous- a floral on floral on a few non floral prints, in soft, feminine, watercolor tones. There's a few favorite fabrics, a few fun retro prints, some vintage fabric and even a thrifted sheet.

It was a perfect day for taking photos outdoors, I just had to be careful to not get the quilt or the camera wet while my kids were playing in the sprinkler.

My neighbor's house used to be a barn until after World War 2. It makes me feel closer to my dream of living on a farm!

My three month old niece is now the owner of this beauty. I hope she spends lots of summer days like this one laying on it in the grass, gazing at the sky and dreaming of wonderful things!

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous quilt! The fabrics give it such a soft, feminine look. What a nice gift!