Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year's Wishes

Happy 2010! I'm looking forward to a better and brighter new year. While I have many wishes for the coming year- and decade, and beyond- I'll just talk about my sewing-related wishes here, since I didn't get around to making a Christmas wish list. While I was annoyed by having a January birthday when I was a kid (too many "joint" Christmas/ birthday presents and birthday gifts wrapped in Christmas paper), it's pretty handy now that I can roll over the things I didn't get done for the holidays to my birthday. And if these don't work out a birthday gifts... well, there's always some other occasion later in the year!

Singer Walking Foot- after quilting for 2 years without one of these, it would be great to put a better finish on my quilts with a walking foot!

Dresden Plate Pincushion- love the colors, love how much easier this would make it to access all my pins & needles! (Also sold locally at JoAnn's!)

Collaborative Quilting- Great inspiration from some of my favorite quilters!

Applique Outside the Lines- I'm interested in learning the Piece O' Cake applique technique and the designs in this book are fresh & fabulous!

One Line at a Time- One of my quilting goals in 2010 is to improve my machine quilting skills- this book looks like a great starting point for me as I like simple, geometric designs with minimal marking.

Thousands of Bolts, Sew Mama Sew or Hancocks of Paducah gift certificates- Do I need fabric? No! Would it be nice to be able to obtain the perfect fabric that I must have to finish a project without breaking my "no buy" rule for this year, because I don't have anything in my stash that will even remotely work ? You bet! A gift certificate to one of my favorite online (or real-life) fabric stores would save the day!

Flickr Pro Account- I love sharing projects and inspiration with the great sewing and quilting communities on Flickr, but I am about to run out of space on my free account. Whoops! I either need to be way less prolific or upgrade... and I don't see the former happening anytime soon :-)

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