Monday, December 28, 2009

A Juicy Jungle finish and continued Houses development

December has been a whirlwind of a month, but I did manage to finish a quilt and get a bunch of work done on another one, in addition to making a bunch of Christmas gifts and all the other holiday bustle.

This finished quilt was a total departure from my disciplined progress at whittling down my WIP pile. Whoops! But sometimes you just need to go where Inspiration leads you, or that Lady won't come around any more.

I've had this Alexander Henry Juicy Jungle and the yellow Jackie Shapiro Animal Stencil in my stash for ages, and I thought they would end up as kids' clothes. But one weekend recently, they jumped out at me and asked to be paired with some vintage fabrics and pink polka dot I had hanging around. The result is pretty irresistible, as my daughters demonstrated... I couldn't get a picture without at least some of their toes in it!

The back is fun, too- especially when you can see how sparkly the clouds are! It makes for a two-sided quilt, which is fun, since my girls claimed it and the older one likes the front, and the younger one likes the back.

I also am making progress on my I Spy Houses quilt. I had been having a lot of fun improvising houses, figuring I would end up somehow with sizes that fit together perfectly for a quilt top. Then, as I was reading Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again, I realized that all I needed was some variably sized sashing to for a fabulous center panel. My plan for the borders changed once I put it together, and I am now about halfway through making 6"-ish log cabins for the borders. I'm planning on quilting this with a 3" lattice but who knows what will end up happening!


  1. Beth what is the I Spy part of the houses? It is a great quilt.

  2. Judi, I couldn't find your email to reply, but the windows and doors of the houses are all fussy cut novelty fabric, hence the I Spy part :-) Thanks for the compliments ladies!