Friday, April 15, 2011

End of Bobbin Sewing

I have this intense dislike for half-wound bobbins, so whenever I need to change my thread color, I try to use up the end of the bobbin in my machine. You could also call it procrastinating on starting to quilt the dauntingly largest quilt I have ever quilted, but you could also call it resourceful and scrappy. Right?

In any case, while using up the end of my bobbin this week, I made more Sweet Sixteen blocks... bringing my count up to 42. Since these are 6 1/2" blocks, the 6 x 7 setting is pretty small, so I think I need more of these. Part of me wonders if this quilt will venture into the Land of Giants too... we'll see!

I also made this signature block for Victoria...

And made a few more blocks for the Rainbow String Quilt. Now the quilting thread is in the machine, and I have started quilting Indian Summer. Hopefully I will finish it this weekend. Happy sewing!

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