Sunday, November 21, 2010


I finished the Houses quilt last night, and it now takes the title as the biggest quilt I have ever made. It's GIANT! When I started making quilts, I resolved to only make baby and throw size quilts, since my house is small and full of a family, and my sewing space is limited. This one is a queen size and definitely taxed the limits of my "design bed" (which happens to be my actual bed, too.) I'm so happy with it!

I had previously put on a different border, which just didn't work, but the time spent with my seam ripper removing that mistake was worth it. Even with queen size seams.

I also found this to be a satisfying challenge as the small calicoes I used were the "uglies" in my stash, and to find a way to enjoy working with them and like the outcome was a stretch.

It also made a huge reduction in my stash- I'm down about 3/4 of a stack (of 6 stacks.) Whooo!

This quilt inherited the pieced back I made for my Gypsy Madness quilt. It fits perfectly and even has some of the same fabrics as the Houses top.

Gypsy Madness had to have this fabulous vintage sheet for a backing instead.

Working with the Houses top, I realized that Gypsy Madness is too small- it was previously the holder of the Biggest Quilt Ever title, but it barley hangs over the edges of the bed. I am going to add another row of 9-patches around the edge, that should be perfect. It is going to be giant too! Basting these babies is going to be a bi***- I'll have to move all the furniture out of the living room and hope I have enough pins!

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