Thursday, March 10, 2011


How does your creative process work? Do you ever start something and not like it? What makes you decide to scrap it or keep going? I started this piece as a possible entry for Victoria's 15 minute block challenge... and I thought it was brilliant, until I realized that it was WAY bigger than the required size.

Scrap it? No, I thought I could make it into a mini quilt... I'm planning on using minis to practice my free-motion quilting. So I addded the corner blocks with the diagonal rays, and thought it was awful.

Scrap it? No, my sewing time has been seriously reduced because I recently started a great new job, so I am going to make something of every creative moment I have. I added the scrappy blue border next, using all the scraps from piecing the star.

I needed a little extra fabric to make it all the way around, so I reached into my 2.5" strips bag and pulled out some blues. EW! They looked all wrong, but I sewed them on anyways. How is it that they can look the wrong color separately, but all together they work? That's the magic of scrappy quilting!

Now this is going somewhere that I like, and I have some ideas for where it's going next that I think are brilliant!

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