Sunday, March 6, 2011

Baby Blocks: Blue #1

Here is my finished quilt from the weekend: a simple Baby Blocks with a lot of blue fabrics, plus some orange and green. I like a quilt of simple 6" squares for exploring different color and print combinations. I had a lot fun playing with different rotations of the stripes on this one... they turned out pretty kinetic and fun!

The other fabrics that came out to play for this one include the ducks form Lizzy House's Red Letter Day, some Prints Charming prints and solids (I love the hand on these, they are velvety soft!), orange dots from Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope, and some assorted picks from my stash, including a vintage pillowcase with stars.

It's backed with a thrifted cobalt blue solid, which also serves as the binding. Thanks to LeeAnn, I was able to finish machine-sewing the binding last night and deliver it to a lovely mom-to-be today for her baby shower.

I considered a couple different quilting options before deciding on this plaid-like pattern inspired by the Prints Charming wavy plaid. At about 40" x 50", I think this quilt will be enjoyed by it's soon-to-be-born recipient for quite a while!

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