Thursday, January 27, 2011

Still Life Night

I had the best non-sewing creative jaunt tonight with my daughters and the watercolor crayons and watercolor paper postcards I gave them in their stockings. I love trying out art supplies, and these were a real blast. You can dip them in water and draw, or draw on paper and wash a wet brush over them for different effects.

Our still life subject was a work of art in itself: my daughter's bouquet from her preschool Moms' Night. There are a zillion things I love about her school, and doing flower arranging is definitely one of them!

Here's R's version of her bouquet and hand-painted vase. She's 5, learning to write and really interested in text right now.

A, who is 8 1/2, used really saturated colors. I love her precision and definition in this piece. She really enjoyed discussing the different details that made each of our paintings unique, which took me right back to art class critiques.

We all chatted about impressionists and how each of us gave a different impression of this little scene. I love our little family of pictures and think this will become a regular event in our household!

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