Wednesday, September 8, 2010

So Long, Summer

Today is my 3rd grader's first day of school, the rain is pouring down, I'm back in polar fleece. Summer already seems like a long-lost friend... but she was so loved while she was here! It was truly a glorious and enjoyable summer, just far too short.

A big part of the fun was crafting with my daughters. We made cloth dolls, with me as the seamstress and them as the art designers.

Nothing better than girls and dolls! They also made dolls out of juice containers, and craft foam "paper dolls." Lots of fun there!

We also celebrated my 4-year-old's unbirthday party (she is a Christmastime baby, so we party with friends at another time of year) A tea party, dress up, hoola hooping and running in the sprinkler in addition to the requisite cake & ice cream. Wheee! I whipped up some cloth favor bags for her frinds to take home their party crowns and stickers.

I am still working on my WIP list, but as I was cleaning up from the party, my rotary cutter slipped and I started cutting squares for a new quilt, just because the fabric was soooo pretty.

Whoops! The list gets longer and as long as the rain keeps falling I'll keep sewing and waiting for summer to return again

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