Sunday, August 22, 2010

August Inventory

I have been working away on my list of works in progress, after taking a good look at my projects for the year about a month ago. I am happy to say that this kind of inventorying has been very productive for me, and it is really energizing creatively to see the work-in-progress pile diminish and get to play with new or set aside projects.

I've updated my July list to track my progress, so all the changes are in italics.

Finished quilts this year (4 quilts from the WIP list finished in the last month! YES!):
  1. I Spy Houses (started 2009) done 1/10
  2. 2 I Spy donation quilts 1 done 1/10, 1 done 4/10
  3. Pink Squares done 4/10
  4. R's mini quilt (quilted and ready to bind) done 7/10
  5. Baby quilt: floral log cabin (top done 3/10) done 7/10
  6. Baby quilt: "Sun Break" grey & orange rails (top finished 1/10) done 8/10
  7. Baby quilt: shirt scrap bricks done 7/10
Works in progress that need to be finished, in order of priority (this list has shrunk slightly, and I have finished 4 tops and gotten started on quilting 2 more) :
  1. Stars & Strings tabletopper (started 2009, WIP) top done 7/10, basted,hand-quilting in progress
  2. Baby quilt: spring strings (top done 3/10), basted 8/10
  3. Donation quilt: houses top done 8/10
  4. Bright Snowballs (started 2009, top done)
  5. Applique Flowers Wall Quilt top done 8/10
  6. Baby quilt: blue + green book stacks done 9/10
  7. Stash Busting Bee International Log Cabin
  8. Indian Summer
  9. Leaders & Enders (top done 9/10)
  10. Crumb Blocks
  11. Say Cheese Self-Portrait
On the design burner (fabric has been pulled or cut, but no sewing has been done):
  1. Baby quilt: boy blocks
  2. Baby quilt: rainbow book stack
  3. Baby quilt: bricks & stones
  4. NJ wedding gift - liberated wedding rings
  5. 2233 Pineapple
  6. Bento Boxes for S
  7. Leopard Roses
  8. Christmas quilts/ table runners
  9. Donation quilt for A's school auction
  10. Seasons Mat for R's preschool
Just one new project added to this list, for my youngest daughter's school- and I am really excited about it!

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