Monday, June 14, 2010

Treasure Find

I love thrift shopping, and this weekend, my compulsive habit of popping into the nearest thrift store whenever I have a few extra minutes paid off! I found a great deal on a vintage quilt top, which has been on my mental thrift shopping list for a few months.

It's baby quilt size, and a fantastic collection of scrappy old fabrics.

This is a favorite block.

Here's another- I wonder what the origin of the word fabric is...

I need to give this a bath and a good pressing. It's machine pieced, but I'm currently trying out hand quilting on another smaller project and think this would be wonderful with hand quilting as well.

My favorite part about this quilt, aside from the delightful vintage prints, is that it had no price tag, so when I took my finds up to the register, the cashier priced it the same as the cheapest piece of fabric I had- 99 cents! I bet she thought, "That fabric looks like a bunch of crazy old rags," but it is a treasure to me.

My other finds- 99 cent red solid, a quilt back sized piece for $1.50, the Gnome book, plus a good size piece of wool felt, all for $6. I love you, Goodwill!


  1. Wow, Alexis, that is so awesome!

  2. SCORE! That is a great find!

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