Thursday, March 25, 2010

Scraps, Stars, and Blooms

It's been a busy month, including a ton of yard work and the dreaded guests in the sewing room situation- loved the guest, it was the loss of sewing time that was dreadful! I've slowly gotten up to speed again, including this fabulous Stash Busting Bee International block for Barb. The bright colors reminded me of the sweet bulbs and pansies blooming in my garden.

Barb sent some multicolored and white scraps, including a lot of Denyse Schmidt fabrics, and I provided the rest- more Denyse Schmidt, some Kaffe and some little retro looking prints and more. She was inspired by Rita of Red Pepper Quilts, whose instructions we followed.

I adore this block. It takes a lot of piecing, but it's a great way to use up scraps. I'm thinking of making more, but out of 2.5" and 2" squares from my scrap bin (this block used 3" and 2.5" squares.) Wouldn't these make an adorable baby quilt?

Now I'll get back to sewing- I have a top to finish by the time this pesky rain storm blows through and the garden beckons me again!

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