Friday, October 2, 2009

Flea Market Find

I didn't actually make this dress- I found it at the thrift store. Yep! For $5, I figured that if it didn't fit one of my girls, it would be the best Flea Market Fancy yardage deal EVER, seeing as how I have a treasured fat quarter of the same print that I spent $2 and some change on. The dress is beautifully sewn, with a linen collar, and navy piping. It was in perfect, new condition when I found it- maybe it was a gift to a girl who was too big for it or would only wear pink? We can only wonder why anyone would let this one go. My 7 year old choose it today to wear for her school pictures. So sweet!

Speaking of Flea Market Fancy, I saw the call to bring it back over on my friend Aneela's blog. I'll hop on that bandwagon! I might have to feed my family rice and beans for a week straight so I can buy up LOTS of it, but at least they'll end up swathed in beautiful fabric!


  1. Wow, you (and your daughter) are so lucky! What a beautiful dress!

  2. that's an absolutely great FMF find, and so cute!!!