Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Warm Quilt

I finally, finally finished my Kaffe-inspired Tile Quilt this weekend! It was cool and rainy, and sewing the binding while snuggled under a flannel-backed quilt was the perfect excuse for watching "Trials of Life" with my family. There is nothing quite like learning about the breeding habits of parasites, how cliff dwelling birds build their homes, and which skunks do handstands as a warning that they are about to spray while finishing a quilt!

It is perfect on the couch, but it's proving to be very popular and I've found it had migrated to my daughters' room several times already! They call it the "Warm Quilt" as opposed to the Strip Twist quilt that has a summer weight batting and cotton back. I did manage to snag it back for a nap, though, and I know why it is so popular! I got the flannel on sale at JoAnn's ages ago, and my friend thinks it looks straight out of Anthropologie. I just adore the way the little gold star flowers on the binding look with that black and white floral!

And now that my stack of WIP's has been whittled down a bit, I am starting some new projects- finally, whew!


  1. love it. the colors really play off each other nicely! feels good to finish it right? nice job!

  2. oh, and,
    Fabulous! Glad you'll help with the charity quilt! send me your address and email please, you are a no reply comment on my email. ;-)

  3. Incredible quilt and that back fabric is to die for!