Thursday, September 24, 2009

New Additions

I said I was excited to finally start working on some new projects... this one is a new housing development! It's a bit of a grab bag/ mash up: Black and white! Wonky houses! I Spy! California themed fabrics! Should be really fun... or really crazy!

I've been collecting fabric for this for a while, and many of the novelty prints are scraps sent by a gang of Flickr quilters, so this neighborhood already has a strong community spirit! Here's the first 3 the houses:

The Stash Busting Bee International is what got me on the roll of building my I Spy houses. Here's the haunted Halloween houses I made for Terrie (Chocolate_is_the_best_medicine) this month!

1 comment:

  1. so cute! aren't they so fun to make! i like the pumpkin head guy in the bottom pic. ;-)