Friday, July 10, 2009

WIP Busting

I am busting everything over here, it seams- scraps, stash and now WIPs. I joined up with the WIPing Through Summer group on Flickr to help hold myself accountable to my pledge to finish what I've started before starting any new projects. *Sigh* It's so boring compared to starting something new! and improved! but it really must be done, especially since when I looked at my last "knock out those WIPs" post it was back in April and I have only completed one thing from that list. Oops!

So here are the projects in my WIP pile that I will complete before summer ends. I'm looking forward to posting pictures of each one as I complete them!

I'm also looking forward to rewarding my WIPbusting success, with more new projects and perhaps some new inspiration in the quilting book form... I'm starting to dream in applique and the new Piece O' Cake book looks great!


  1. This very doable. I can't wait to see your snowball quilt quilted. Happy quilting!

  2. I love that one with the strings, and little wonky stars. the colors? fab. pleaze finish that one first so I can see it all together!!!
    hmm, my bud, miss Shelly beat me to the first comment... ;-)