Monday, December 8, 2008

Happy Mail Day!

I had just decided to stop watching the mailbox for my DQS5 package to arrive, so it was in a total Zen calm that I found a big squishy envelope from Kara-lee with my mail today. My excitement upon opening it, however, was huge and really un-Zen-like!

Inside, I found this lovely, jewel toned little quilt. The filtered, overcast light resulted in some great, realistically colored photos. It is really richly colored as well as textured- the bow tie "knots" are kind of 3-D; a cool effect! It looks great on my couch, too!

The back is beautifully appliqued, making it hard to decide which side to display.

I was listening to Grover Washington's excellent holiday album, Breath of Heaven, while I was opening my mail. The music added to the beauty of this quilt made for such a peaceful interlude in my day.

I also appreciated the card my partner sent...

Inside, she said, "...instead of trying to interpret your taste I thought I would make something that reflected who I am, within or around your colors. I hope that you love it as much as I do." I do! Thanks for your innovative approach and beautiful quilt, Kara-lee!

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