Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WIP World

O...M...G...! This is really what my tiny little sewing area looks like right now... It's WIP World and it is a disaster!

Now that my big family birthday week is behind me, and my sewing machine is back from the shop, it is time to crack down on this situation. I'm all for making a big creative mess, but at a certain point I can't find anything, and have no room to work, no space for any constructive energy to flow, nada.

My desk needs to be cleaned off, the stacks of fabric and quilt tops on my ironing board need to be dealt with, and the bags of WIPS under the ironing board need be marched out and WIPped into finished tops!

My big plan is to:
-quilt at least 3 quilts by the end of the month
-not start anything new until those babies are quilted
-piece my heart out on those WIPs

Annnnndddd..... here I GO!

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