Sunday, March 13, 2011

Baby BOOM!

I want to share a couple of baby quilt tops I have made in recent weeks. I am clearly in the midst of a baby boom- if you look back one day and see that there was a tremendous population surge in 2010 and 2011, you'll know that the people I know are in large part responsible. Yay for procreation! Seriously- I love babies, and I love making quilts for them!

First, a baby girls quilt... based on the Garden Path quilt in Freddy & Gwen Collaborate Again (which is one of my favorite quilting books ever!) I started pulling strips for a little girl with a gray nursery (with pink, green and yellow accents), and quickly realized this was a perfect opportunity to make this quilt that I have always loved. It was so fun to fit all the strip sets together-- I definitely plan to make this quilt again and again!

This quilt is for a brand new boy named Grayson... the colors remind me of his talented daddy's art. More strips, more improvisational piecing, a Gee's Bend feel... another quilt I have always wanted to make. The orange, brown and red with gray combination was a happy surprise when I started pulling strips and strings for this quilt... I like the masculine, earthy feel of these colors, and hope they will stay with little Grayson for a long time!

The funny thing is, both these quilts started out in the same place conceptually- I planned to make Chinese Coin quilts (which I have always wanted to make.) I love that they ended up in two different, but wonderful places... and I still have a Chinese Coin quilt in my bucket list :-)

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