Thursday, January 13, 2011

Spring Strings in WInter

I had visions of being able to take those gorgeous pictures of quilts in the snow once I finished this Spring String quilt and snow was in the forecast... but by the time daylight came, it rained, and it ended up being a quilt-in-the-slush picture instead. It's warm enough that my quilt holder/ husband is wearing zoris in the snow!

Or you could say that this quilt is SO springy and bright that winter doesn't stand a chance against it. It melts snow in a single unfurling! It is really cheery and sweet....

I backed it with one of my favorite thrifted vintage sheets. I think my grandparents had these same sheets, and it reminds me of waking up in their house on the North shore of Oahu, with the sun streaming in the windows and the surf pounding on the beach out past the Easter Pond. I miss them!

It turns out that vintage sheets, being so soft and lovely, are a real pain to quilt. Even with generous pin basting, I got so many tucks that I wanted to trade in quilting for a different hobby altogether (like... housecleaning? Gah! It was that bad!)

Then came the discovery of a lifetime: basting spray (thanks to Chawne for the suggestion!) It really is better living in a can. I have 2 other quilt tops ready to quilt with vintage sheets on the back, so this introduction could not have come at a better time.

This sheet must have also been the inspiration for The Summer Lovin print from the Dream on collection by Urban Chicks for Moda. It looks so similar!

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