Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happiest Blocks in the World

I always crave bright and cheery in the darkest days of the year... After finishing my first round of gifts last week, I really needed a nice quilty pick me up, and none of my WIPS fit the bill, somehow. I started working on these log cabin blocks... I have been gathering orange and yellow strips for 2 years for this quilt, and the blocks are so worth the wait!

I am really excited to see ALL THOSE FABRICS come together... I'm going for queen size with this one too. There's something very meditative and calming about sewing rectangles together into squares, so working on this makes me feel like a cat napping in a sunspot in the midst of all the holiday hustle.

Adding to my happiness this week... Victoria requested these cheery blocks for the 15-minute SCRAP-BEE for January. They are so irresistible I couldn't help but get started early!

Wishing a very happy and merry week to all!

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