Saturday, February 13, 2010

Signs of Spring

Spring is coming! Look what's blooming in my garden- witch hazel that smells so good!

Spring colors have been calling to me in my sewing room. Piecing new, freshly colored fabrics together has been a lot more appealing than quilting my finished tops... and so my pile of quilting that need quilting continue to grow. Here's the most recent addition to the stack...
A sweet pink baby quilt top. I had a lot of fun piecing this together. It's simple and quick- just 5" squares cut from a combination of scraps, fat quarters and a vintage pillowcase. My 4 year old helped me with the placement. It will get a pink gingham back & tiny rosebud binding.

I'm currently working on these string blocks. The colors make me ooh and ahhh, especially when the light filters through our gray Northwest skies and makes everything glow like so many jewels... I had a plan about how these would come together, but they are taking more fabric than I anticipated, so I'll see what ends up becoming of them. I started out with the shoebox packed with strings, and have had to cut and add strips a few times already. And I've only made 19 of the 48 blocks I need! I suppose it's good practice in patience... sort of like waiting for the warmth and full bloom of spring to arrive...

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  1. Hey Alexis, We are waiting for spring here too. We don't usually have this much "winter" in Austin. Luv your string blocks! Put the pedal to the metal on that machine an crank the rest of those blocks out! Your kids don't really need to eat, the laundry can pile up and no one will care if your house isn't clean. Oh wait, I'm talking about myself. Eeak!
    Happy sewing, my friend!