Wednesday, November 11, 2009

List Progress

Progress is slow, but it is being made. In the last few weeks since my last post I've shaved a little bit off my list... and of course, my list has grown at a constant rate, so I don't feel like I am getting ahead yet!

I did:
  • Baste 2 of my quilts and quilt one (pics to come when they are done, that's supposed to motivate me...)
  • Finish blocks for 2 of my 3 bees/ groups (Sis Boom POW and Stash Busting Bee International- shown up above; I still need to finish those dang pinwheel blocks whose points are giving me troubles again.)
  • Made Halloween costumes (on time and no one got sick on Halloween so they actually got worn- yay!)
  • Figured out my e-mail issue, so I can actually respond to comments if I can ever get caught up...
  • Start the baby quilt.
Another accomplishment that was not on my "list"... spending more great quality time with my family :-) Nothing like that, and some creative time, to make a gal feel like a million dollars!

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