Monday, June 22, 2009


I'm having a frustrating craft week, mostly because I'm working on some blocks for a swap that are just not coming out the way they should. If I was keeping them, it wouldn't bother me, but I don't want to send something out that is less than perfect. To borrow a term from the video game world, I feel like I'm just grinding to get through the level since I'm sewing the same thing over and over to try to get it right.

So, wanting to update but not make a post without pictures, I was relieved to realized that I never posted about the table topper that I started before we went on vacation though! I know, I could have just pretended that I just started this and my sewing was going really well, but I do love honesty. I really do.

This is the quilt my daughter is working on, with the lilacs that were blooming in my yard a few weeks ago. They were lovely... and I loved the quilt on the table with them so much, I decided to make a little quilt that would not need to be returned to its 7 year old owner. It's funny, because I never really "got" table toppers before this day. Now I am all about the table as another place to display a quilt. Here's what I am working on:

It will be 4 string blocks set with rails and stars, with a Kaffe floral border and leopard print binding. It will be fabulous- and now I just to finish those dang swap blocks so I can get back to working on this!


  1. Table toppers are fun to make. It's that instant gratification thing beause they go so fast. I've got a bunch of them. Your strings and stars is very cute, can't wait to see it finished. Good luck on your block exchange blocks. (Been there, done that. It happens.) Happy sewing!

  2. I like table toppers too! They work up fast, you can try new techniques on a smaller scale, and you can make a bunch and swap them out regularly for variety. Your current project looks awesome. I can't wait to see all the blocks together. I can see it will be amazing!

  3. that is so funny I was just making mini scrap wonky stars and you visited my blog... it must be a star thing... looking good!