Wednesday, March 4, 2009


After getting my swap partner information on Monday night, I was itching to get started on my quilt. I had decided on a scrap quilt, but with nothing specific in mind... I figured that once I buried myself in my fabric stash, I would have an epiphany. Textile meditation seldom disappoints...

I found a pleasing pile of reproduction type fabrics in a red-yellow-green-blue color scheme, oddly similar to the baby quilt I just finished for my daughter's teacher, but only one of the fabrics is the same!

I loved a lot of the free-pieced pictoral quilts like Krommama's in the last DQS round, and wanted to try one just to see how it would come out. Shortly afterward, I had these:

I think I'm going to set them with white fabric and some sort of border... I really want a scrappy border if it looks good with the 30s floral I'm planning on using for the binding. Hopefully I will get a little time to play around with it tonight!

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