Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A few WIPs

I'm currently working on 3 quilts, and dreaming at least that many more. I really mean dreaming, I woke up the other morning from a dream where 2 1/2" strips were raining down around my head like cherry blossoms at the end of spring. Heavenly.

I'm posting these in progress pictures to keep me motived to finish these 3 so I can start a new batch.

Here's the first one I started, which is also the least finished. I created this pattern for my 6 year old, and had no idea how time-consuming it is to piece. I have all the rainbow rows pieced, I just need to finish the blue, green and purple Ohio Star rows. The backing will be piece of sweet pink vintage flannel I inherited from DH's grandma.

I borrowed the idea for this quilt from Kaffe Fasset's Glorious Patchwork. That book is phenomenal! I counted more than 30 different fabrics for this quilt, and I am hunting for the perfect flannel for the back. It has to be leopard-print, I think, but not just any leopard, the right one....

And finally, my Quiltville Strip Twist. I've done some more work on this since I took this picture the other day, and it is looking fabulous! I had some serious trepidation while piecing this- it actually drove me to tears, I was so convinced it would be ugly and a waste of fabric. Not so! I'm getting really excited to finish this!

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